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Information For Prospective Investors

Gatehouse Partners Inc. (“Partners”) provides the information found on this website to prospective investors for informational purposes only.

Gatehouse Real Estate Trust (the “Trust”), and Gatehouse (Proper) Limited Partnership (the “Proper Partnership”) (the Trust, the Proper Partnership and the Gatehouse group of companies collectively, “Gatehouse”) have not filed a prospectus with securities regulators in Canada and are not listed on any public stock exchange. The Trust and the Proper Partnership are non-reporting issuers and distribute securities under various prospectus exemptions available under applicable securities laws. The Trust and the Proper Partnership distribute securities principally in reliance upon the “accredited investor exemption” or “minimum purchase amount” under National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus and Registration Exemptions (“NI 45-106”). Please refer to NI 45-106 for more information regarding the availability of these exemptions. In addition, the Trust and the Proper Partnership have prepared an offering memorandum in which they intend to distribute securities in reliance upon the “offering memorandum exemption” but only to those investors in jurisdictions of Canada who meet certain eligibility requirements.

The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is intended for current and prospective investors. The information on this website, however, does not disclose all information required for an investor to make an informed investment decision. A prospective investor will be provided with a copy of the applicable offering memorandum(s) and/or other information, as applicable, by his/her advisor and will need to be qualified for investment by a registered dealer before making any investment decision. An investor relying on the offering memorandum exemption should review the applicable offering memorandum(s) in detail and consult with his/her advisor for further information. In particular, such investors should review such offering memorandum(s) for a complete description of the risks associated with an investment. An eligible investor may obtain a copy of the Offering Memorandum from their investment advisor or by contacting Gatehouse at [Email Address].

Securities offered by Gatehouse are distributed though registered dealers, such as exempt market or IIROC dealers. Prospective investors must be qualified by a registered dealer before investing in the Trust, the Proper Partnership or any other limited partnership formed by Gatehouse. If you do not have a registered dealer, please contact us at [Email Address] and we would be pleased to put you in contact with one.


The information available on this website is provided without regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any specific recipient and does not constitute investment, tax, accounting or legal advice. In assessing the suitability of an investment, investors should carefully consider their personal circumstances including time horizon, liquidity needs, portfolio size, income, investment knowledge and attitude toward price fluctuations. Recipients are strongly advised to independently review with their own advisors and reach their own conclusions regarding the investment merits and risks, legal, credit, tax and accounting aspects of any transactions.


The information on this site is intended for Canadian investors only. Units of the Trust, the Proper Partnership, or any other Gatehouse created limited partnership will not be sold to any person residing outside of Canada unless such sales are permitted under the laws of their jurisdiction. Investors should contact their financial advisor for more information.


Past performance does not guarantee future results. You should not rely on any past performance as a guarantee of future investment performance. Unit values and investment returns will fluctuate. Investors are cautioned that the Trust and the Proper Partnership were recently formed and have not established a track record on which investment decisions can be based.

No information, forward looking statements, or estimations presented herein represent any final determination on investment performance. Gatehouse, and/or its agents cannot and do not guarantee any rate of return or investment timeline based on the information presented herein.


The Proper Partnership has not received all zoning, land use, building permits and other required governmental permits and authorizations to proceed. The illustration(s), site description and details regarding number of units to be built, size and types provided on this website are not guaranteed and could be subject to change based on the outcome of the permitting and municipal approval process. At this stage, inherent project risks may have not been fully considered or accounted for as the municipal approvals are ongoing.

Further development projects are susceptible to risks such as the inability to secure the appropriate permits and other necessary approvals in a timely and cost-effective manner, cost overruns and timing delays because of the lack of availability of materials and labor, weather conditions and other factors outside of our control. Any substantial unexpected delays or expenses would adversely affect the investment returns from our development projects and adversely affect our operating results.

All persons are required to conduct their own investigations, analysis, due diligence, draw their own conclusions, and make their own decisions in assessing the feasibility of the projects.


Any information or materials provided or maintained by a third party such as linked sites which may be accessed throughout this website are provided “as is”.

This website does not constitute an offer or solicitation by the Trust, the Proper Partnership, Gatehouse or their management to buy or sell any securities or any other financial instrument of any issuer. References to specific securities are not intended and should not be interpreted as recommendations to purchase, sell or hold such securities. Accordingly, this website does not constitute investment advice or counsel or solicitation for investment in any security.

Gatehouse and its affiliates will not be responsible in any manner for direct, indirect or special damages, howsoever caused, arising out of the use of this website.


Unless otherwise specifically noted in these Terms, text, images, trademarks, service marks, logos and icons displayed on this website, including, without limitation, Gatehouse and its affiliates and the Gatehouse logos, are the property of Gatehouse and/or its licensors and may not be used without Gatehouse’s prior written consent. Trademarks and other intellectual property owned by third parties are the property of those respective third parties. The website is the copyrighted property of Gatehouse, and it may not be reproduced, recreated, modified, accessed, or used in any manner or disseminated or distributed to any other party in violation of these Terms.


By accessing this website or any of its pages you understand, accept, and agree to the terms as set out above. If you do not accept, please do not access this website or any of its pages.

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